“I always saw transformations and i would try workout programs or get gym memberships but never really thought I could change my body like this or would always give up cuz I was nervous in weight room or trying new things in the gym but thankfully I found you 💕 I have been so confident in the gym its like I don’t even recognize myself… like I cannot even believe it. I am noticing my body changing more and more, which makes me sooo happy! I am just more thankful than you’ll ever know I am feeling SO GOOD! Couldn’t have done any of this without you!! Seriously you are SO AWESOME!!!”



"It's been a journey. I started following Meg because she was positive, knowledgeable and very friendly. I started as her client because I knew I needed to grow personally, mentally and physically. After 5 weeks, I have learned more about self-love, self-determination and my self-discovery of physical and mental growth than I have in the last 28 years of my life. I love going to the gym, learning new things about my body and having a support trainer that backs me up and is there to support, lift and encourage me through the bad and the good."



“After having my baby, I really struggled to drop the body weight and find time to workout. Megans at-home program and flexible nutrition program was just what i needed. I feel great and look great. I can’t wait to continue this on my own! Thanks for all of your support and positivity.”



Megan is so much more than “just a trainer”. She is first and foremost, the motivational friend that I needed in my life. She has pushed me to be the best version of myself, without judgement or criticism. She is always available for communication, whether it’s a question about an exercise, or just for a chat to lift me up!
I couldn’t believe how fast my body recomposition began. I was eating more food than ever, and losing inches! I began to not care what the scale said, and just focus on how I felt. The gym converted from a punishment to an escape. I became stronger, and more comfortable with my body! I’m so happy with my results!
I cannot thank Megan enough for all the positive changes she has brought to my life. Yes, my body has improved, but also she has changed my mindset. Working out isn’t a chore anymore. I look forward to it each day! I eat responsibly, but I don’t deprive myself. Megan has really changed my life for the better. If you’re looking for a total change, (physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually) I HIGHLY recommend Fit Little Meg! :)



While pursuing my master’s degree, holding three jobs, and balancing my social life, Megan has not only helped me meet my physical goals by recomping my body but helping me maintain my mental health along the way. Megan has supported me throughout this process and I never would have been able to do it without her!

The past 6 weeks I have seen so many INCREDIBLE changes in my body.  I am killing it in the gym. I love my workouts even when I feel like I am dying. Megan constantly texts/emails me pushing me to become the best version of myself.  My body looks the best it has in years.  I feel SO good and my confidence has drastically increased. I ready to kill bikini season, but even more—  I have fallen in love with this lifestyle! There is no doubt that I will sign up for another program with her, as soon as I am finished with this one.  I would have never been able to do this without her, and words cannot express how thankful I am for Megan.  I promise you will not be disappointed with any program she has designed. SHE IS FREAKING AMAZING”
— Toree Brown