Transform your body and mind in just 8 weeks.

I’ve been where you are, stuck, unsure of where to go, struggling to make a change. It can be frustrating, confusing and will suck the energy out of you.

But the good news is, YOU can change that. It all starts with YOU. Invest in yourself, make this year YOUR year. 

This program will change your LIFE and will help you burn the body fat, break the plateau and become a more confident, positive, HAPPY person.

This isn’t going to a “quick fix”, this is a LIFESTYLE that you are going to be able to sustain and ENJOY!

This program is for individuals who:

  • Want to lose stubborn body fat for good

  • Desire to build muscle and tone up

  • Want a flexible diet that allows you to eat foods you LOVE

  • Need a nutrition guide designed for your body type, activity level and specific goals

  • Want to fix your gut health and jump start your metabolism  

  • Need tips on traveling, eating out and making healthy meals

  • Need meal prep hacks to make eating healthy enjoyable

  • Desire a positive life

  • Want to feel confident in your body and push past anxiety/stress

  • Are dedicated and ready to transform your body and mind


The Kickass Life Book will include:

  • 8 weeks of workouts that has variations for beginners, intermediates and expert

  • Workout video tutorials for every exercise on @positivelyfitcommunity using a special hashtag 

  • 4 days/week workout split with an optional 5th day focusing on full body toning and fat loss

  • Nutrition info to teach you balance and gain knowledge on food, macro counting, supplements, food hacks, recipes, cardio, eating out while staying on track and more

  • Access to the VIP positively fit community to connect with others and be held accountable 

  • Daily post will be made to motivate, teach and encourage the positive mindset

If you enroll during the Presale ~ You’ll receive the cookbook & positive mindset book for FREE



Personalized coaching guaranteed to help you build the body of your dreams while creating a positive mindset!

  • 12 weeks of workouts designed on Trainerize app that is customized to your goals, body and lifestyle

  • Video tutorials of every single exercise

  • Ability to track progress with weights, calories, measurements on Trainerize

  • Workout variation that will progressively get harder

  • Breakdown of macros, how to track them and determine the right macros for you

  • Grocery list, meal plan, supplements, travel hacks & all the tips/tricks you need to know to make this a sustainable enjoyable lifestyle

  • Weekly check ins to ensure you are improving and learning every week

  • Weekly videos covering numerous topics such as motivation, self, care, & positivity

  • Access to private Facebook group with weekly videos, discussions, positive mindset building and more

  • 24/7 support to motivate, guide and hold you accountable for your new positively fit lifestyle



A 20 minute phone consultation to learn about your lifestyle, struggles, & goals in order to provide you with the best program in order for you to crush your goals.  Feedback will be given on the phone as well as a one-time program that includes:

  • A breakdown of macros, how to track them and the right macros for you

  • Grocery list, meal plan, supplements, travel hacks & all the tips/tricks you need to know to make this a sustainable, enjoyable lifestyle

PRICE: $50